It is ten years after the fall of Earth and Humanity. Before the fall humanity numbered somewhere in the region of 9 billion, now what it left numbers a little over 500 million, and these are spread out from the surface of the sun right to the Kuiper belt and the Scattered disc.

Humanity has split its self into numerous factions, all with different aims, some want to reclaim the wasteland that is the earth, others who are trying to attain human perfection and everything inbetween.

Earth ecologically deverstated and infested by the weird spawn of the TITANs, transhumanity’s homeworld doesn’t get many visitors. Urban regions once populous are now massive sprawls ruined by war, heavy weather and infested by dangerous artificial life.

There will be work taken from the Elclips Phase core book, thanks to Posthuman Studies

Eclipse Phase - Humanity 2.0